Why is my knee sore when I go up and down stairs?

Knee pain during activities like going up or down stairs is a really common complaint. There are many reasons why we may experience knee pain during these activities. In the absence of an obvious acute injury, the cause of your knee pain could be due to a number of different structures in the knee including tendon, cartilage, meniscus, muscle, fat pad.

How can I help my knee pain?

The best way to help your knee pain is to go see your physiotherapist for a full consultation due to the numerous potential causes of this issue. Failing that, the majority of pains and aches in the knee respond well to continued movement like regular short walks, range of movement exercises or static cycling in the gym. Some people find ice or heat therapy useful to help manage their knee pain. If stairs provoke your knee pain to an unacceptable level, why not take one step at a time, temporarily and see if your knee pain settles. 

Why choose Fox Physiotherapy to help your knee pain?

At Fox Physiotherapy we treat people with knee pain every day. We use a number of approaches to alleviate knee pain and restore confident movement.

  1. Thorough assessment: we listen to your full story to understand how your pain is affecting you and what things you would love to be doing if you didn’t have knee pain. 
  1. Manual therapy: we use hands-on treatment techniques to alleviate knee pain and stiffness.  
  1. Dry needling: we sometimes use dry needling to the surrounding muscles and soft tissues, which can help to relieve knee pain and soreness.
  1. Exercise: We prescribe strength based exercises to bulletproof your knee and keep your joint healthy in the long term. We tailor these exercises to help with the activities you struggle with such as going up and down stairs.
  1. Advise: we advise on daily activities, symptom management, return or continuation of hobbies and valued activities.
  1. Educate: we value spending time answering your questions and concerns. This is the value of having a 45 minute appointment over the standard 30 minutes. It is important for the person living with knee pain to fully understand the cause, the drivers of pain and how to best manage day to day.
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