Tennis Elbow – What is it?

Lateral elbow tendinopathy, commonly known as tennis elbow, is a common presentation in the clinic.

It involves pain over the outside of your elbow. The pain is usually focused over the common extensor tendon that joins your forearm muscles to your elbow.

Physiotherapists can really help with lateral elbow tendinopathy which is by and large overloading of the muscles that help to extend your fingers and wrist leading to pain in the common tendon that joins these muscles to your elbow.

The cause of Lateral elbow tendinopathy or ‘tennis elbow’ varies from person to person. For some people, sports such as tennis or racket ball may have caused it and for others it may have been work related stresses such as handling tools, repetitive arm and wrist movement on a production line or typing for an extended period of time.

We therefore assess and treat every client individually and formulate a management plan specific to your personal needs, wants and goals. Complete care at Fox Physiotherapy involves a collaborative approach between you the client and us the physiotherapist’s.

We have put together a series of helpful strategies and techniques we have found beneficial to hundreds of people that you can use to get back moving well, feeling well, and free of pain.

Try each one you are comfortable with, some will work well for you almost

instantly others may take some time, and some may not be a fit for your issue currently. The principles of each of the strategies when it comes to lateral elbow tendinopathy are shown to be the most effective and evidence based.

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