Tennis Elbow – Anatomy of lateral elbow tendinopathy

The features of lateral elbow tendinopathy are similar to those of other common tendinopathies we see including rotator cuff, patellar and achilles tendinopathy.

Tendinopathy features typically include disorganized collagen architecture, altering the structure of the tendon.

The most common area affected are the fibers of the extensor carpi

radialis brevis (ECRB) component of the common extensor tendon origin.

So why does it happen?

It is usually caused due to overloading or over working of the finger and wrist extensor muscles. A number of common risk factors are listed below:

  • Workers in occupations that include handling tools and heavy loads
  • People whose work involves repetitive arm and wrist movements such as meat processing, factory workers, office workers etc
  • Tennis players or other racket based sports
  • 35 – 55 year olds
  • Females
  • Current or previous tobacco use 
  • Concurrent rotator cuff (shoulder) pathology

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