Steroid or Corticosteroid injections are used widely for pain relief.

They can be used to great benefit when combined with a focused physiotherapy management plan but like everything there are negative side effects to the treatment.

What does a steroid injection do?

Cortisone is an ANTI INFLAMMATORY medication NOT a PAINKILLER, by injecting it locally into the inflamed tissue it delivers a large direct local dose into the problem area.

Reducing inflammation in the problem area can often settle the pain of your injury in the short term.

Temporary pain relief does not mean the problem is solved.

Steroid injections can create a WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to allow you to progress in your rehabilitation to help but not fully solve the problem.

After any steroid injection the key is to ensure that you continue to progress in your injury with physiotherapy management plan which involving:

1- Identifying the key drivers of your problem that need to be addressed

2-The most appropriate movements and EXERCISES for you ( this is key as each rehabilitation plan is focused on your needs, wants and goals)

3-HANDS ON PHYSIO to help relieve further pain and stiffness.

Is there any harm in getting the steroid injection?

Steroid injections have been shown to weaken the bone tendon interface, and weaken cartilage particularly in younger clients who have high quality joints, cartilage and tendons.

Controversially steroid injections in or around the Achilles tendon have caused it to rupture in all age groups.

The relief felt from steroid injections has been shown to vary between individuals.

Should you get a steroid injection?

It depends.

It is not recommended for younger clients as it will likely damage the cartilage and tendons.

It is not recommended for tendon issues as it could cause rupture.

Settling inflammation in any area often slows the rate of healing in the tissue, INFLAMMATION is a GOOD and HEALTHY response to injury as it PROMOTES HEALING.

A steroid injection is a highly effective treatment for frozen shoulder if done under ultrasound guidance, and followed up with the highest quality individually focused physiotherapy management plan.

Ensure you make an informed decision and discuss your options with your Health Care Professional, Physiotherapist or Doctor.

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