Low back pain

Low Back Pain

  • Is your low back pain limiting your life?
  • Hoping that rest and time will solve it only for weeks and months to pass leaving you in pain, frustrated and missing out because of it?
  • Being told to accept back pain due to ‘wear and tear’?
  • Caught in a cycle of medication, gp visits and poor sleeping patterns?
  • Are you missing out on picking up your children or grandchildren due to pain?

This does not have to be your story!

Service Overview

At Fox Physiotherapy our experts deal with low back pain on a daily basis helping people like you get back to the activities and the life you want without low back pain getting in the way.

How we at Fox Physiotherapy can help you:

  • Actively listen to your story, your beliefs, concerns and fears
  • Take a thorough history of your general health, past medical history and symptoms so we can make better informed decisions about your back issue.
  • Identify the key drivers for your issue through a comprehensive assessment 
  • Clearly communicate our diagnosis and the key drivers of your back pain
  • Target these key drivers through a combination of personalised exercise, hands on treatment, advice and education
  • Work with you to formulate achievable goals based on your wants and needs
  • Continually review your progress and adjust your plan as you improve
  • Get you back to doing what you love to do without worry or restriction

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    We help you get back moving well and feeling well, doing the things you love to do. Complete Care at Fox Physiotherapy

    — The Fox Physiotheraphy Team

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    Make a good decision for your health by trusting Fox Physiotherapy to help you get back to moving well and feeling well. Complete Care at Fox Physiotherapy.