Adolescent injuries

Is your child missing out on participating in sport or a hobby due to pain?

Adolescent injuries

Is your young hero suffering with ongoing pain associated with activity or sport?

Are complaints of pain and soreness worrying you as you are unsure if this is normal or not?

Is your son or daughter missing out on participating in sport or a hobby due to pain?

Adolescent injuries and pain are common and can have a hugely negative impact on young people’s quality of life, sense of self and participation in valued social activities including sport.

Too often, pain, soreness and stiffness in young people is disregarded with the assumption that ‘it will sort itself out’. While the majority of painful conditions or injuries in active youth are not serious, the pain they go through is very real and significant to them.

Thankfully, at Fox Physiotherapy our expert team has the privilege to help adolescents and young people manage their injuries and painful conditions on a daily basis, helping them get back to the things they love to do.

Don’t let pain dictate your son or daughter’s life, contact the experts today to begin a plan of care to get them back on the road to a life free of pain.

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