Prehab – Why should I see a physio before surgery?

Getting stronger and fitter prior to surgery helps you prepare for what is ahead if you.

A 6-8 week Physiotherapy guided program will help with pain and stiffness prior to your surgery but most importantly help speed up your recovery getting you back to the life and activities you love quicker and easier after surgery.

Preparing for surgery can be a stressful and vulnerable time for people and their families. Surgeries such as hip and knee replacements and spinal surgeries, while often life changing, are massive undertakings with a lengthy recovery process. Therefore, it is important that you are well informed about the surgery itself, the initial days following the surgery and what to expect during your hospital stay and what the weeks and months after surgery might look like for you.

When should I see a physio before surgery?

Ideally 6-8 weeks before surgery. This provides you with an opportunity to ask any questions they have surrounding the surgery and the recovery process. 

We will listen to your concerns, hopes, fears, goals and advise and educate you on the areas that matter to you. We will also advise you on continuing to engage in your meaningful activities which may include exercise, either general or specific so that you are as fit and conditioned as possible prior to undergoing surgery. 

Being fitter and stronger before surgery will improve the efficiency of your recovery.

Why Choose Fox Physiotherapy for Prehab?

As Chartered Physiotherapists, we have extensive experience in the management of pre and post-operative cases, we know what the hours, days and weeks after surgery will look like for you.

We will take you through the most common post-operative exercises, so that you are one step ahead! 

Knowledge is power.

In our experience, people who know what to expect from surgery and what the recovery process looks like tend to do much better than people who go blindly into the surgery. 

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