Personalised exercise plan-Phystrack

At Fox Physiotherapy we want to get you back to the things you love to do as soon as possible, feeling well and moving well.

We understand that progress between physiotherapy sessions is key and a guided plan of exercise designed to help you reach your goals will be developed with you.

Our Physitrack software allows us to interact with you and your personalised exercise plan, what you find difficult, or what you may find not challenging enough and we can adapt your exercise program to your needs and goals.

Physitrack is a comprehensive library of instructional exercises videos, educational content and guidance for your individual rehabilitation needs.

Physitrack can be accessed either online or through the Physiapp app on your phone, with our physiotherapists emailing you an access code to your personalised program.

We can also print the program here in the clinic if that suits your needs better.

Each program will have individual instructional videos and images of your personalised exercise program, guidance notes for you on each exercise, and clear explanations in terms of equipment required (if any),sets, repetitions and timing of each exercise.

Physitrack is as individual as you are and we can adapt your exercise plan to suit a home, gym, track, or field environment allowing clients of all ability, activity and fitness levels benefit from mobility, strengthening, endurance, plyometric, or a combination programs.

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