Is shoulder and neck pain limiting your hobbies and activities, interrupting your sleep, restricting your mobility, and causing you to miss out on things you enjoy leaving you frustrated, lacking energy, cranky and in pain?

This does not have to be your story.

At Fox Physiotherapy our expert team deals with neck and shoulder pain on a daily basis helping people like you get back to the things you love to do, moving well and feeling well.

  • Stiff and sore neck after spending time on the computer?
  • Restricted neck movement when reversing the car?
  • Difficulty tying your bra or tucking in your shirt?
  • Pain when reaching?
  • Difficulty finding a comfortable position in bed, or pain waking you as you roll onto your shoulder?
  • Headaches after spending time on your phone, iPad or laptop?

How we at Fox Physiotherapy can help you:

  • Reduce your pain and stiffness getting you back moving and feeling well
  • Identify the source of your problem, getting to the root cause not just treating the symptoms

  • Hands on treatment to reduce your pain and increase your movement.

  • Personalised exercises to help you towards your goal

  • Sleep better; with reduced pain your sleep will improve
  • Reduce your reliance on medication

  • Reduce the chance of surgery or injections. Early intervention can prevent progression of problems
  • Get you back to doing what you love to do with your family and friends, without worry or restriction

Make a good decision for your health by trusting Fox Physiotherapy to help you get back to moving well and feeling well. Complete Care at Fox Physiotherapy.