At Fox Physiotherapy our expert team loves to help people like you get back to moving well and feeling well, leaving low back pain and sciatica as a thing of the past.

  • Is Low Back Pain or Sciatica limiting your life?
  • Hoping that rest and time will solve it only for weeks and months to pass leaving you in pain, frustrated and missing out because of it?
  • Being told to accept back pain due to ‘wear and tear’?
  • Caught in a cycle of medication, gp visits and poor sleeping patterns?

This does not have to be your story.

How we at Fox Physiotherapy can help you:

  • Reduce your pain and stiffness getting you back moving and feeling well
  • Identify the source of your back pain or sciatica
  • Hands on treatment to reduce your pain and increase your movement.

  • Personalised exercises to help you towards your goal

  • Sleep better; with reduced pain your sleep will improve
  • Reduce your reliance on medication

  • Reduce the chance of surgery or injections. Early intervention can prevent progression of problems
  • Get you back to doing what you love to do with your family and friends, without worry or restriction

Make a good decision for your health by trusting Fox Physiotherapy to help you get back to moving well and feeling well. Complete Care at Fox Physiotherapy.